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Hello, Kate!  Hope all is well.  I am the owner of a 7-year old black cat with medium-length fur.  He has been an outdoor cat for most of his life, but became an indoor cat 6 months ago after a dog attacked him(he has completely recovered).  I have a large, covered litter pan in the bathroom for him to use, and he does so normally on most occasions.  The only issue that arises is his habit of dragging his butt across the bathroom floor(sometimes leaving a brown stripe for me to clean up) after he exits the litter pan.  He has, on a couple of occasions, left a brown stripe on the carpet in the hall beside the bathroom door.  Fortunately, this is a rare occurance, but I find evidence of his actions maybe once a month.  I have caught him in the act only twice(he is actually very skillful in kicking his back legs up and sliding effortlessly across the linoleum), and told him "no" as I stopped his forward movement.  I assume this is something he used to do in the grass whenever he felt he had something left over after a poop.  Even though he seldom does this, I would love to have a solution to keep me from having to clean the floor/carpet every 4 or 5 weeks.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

well this sort of behavior is generally not associated with behavior but could be a symptom of something else. If he is not neutered sometimes they display this behavior i have sen this with one of my cats years ago. If he is neutered then there could be an issue with his anal glands. Some cats mainly males can get issues with these glands. the discomfort they feel makes them try and scrape their behind on the ground. the other possibility is worms of even fleas as the rear end is where they like to congregate.

if you have not treated for worms for awhile it may be a good idea to do this to see if this eases the problem. If not then it might be worth while having a vet take a look just in case there is an issue with the glands.

best wishes kate  


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