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hi there. i have 2 female cats & their both are sister. my 1st cats giving birth 1 month ago. & my 2nd cat giving birth a few days ago. my 2nd cat before her giving birth, she acting so strange. she begin acts like that she was a mom to my 1st cat little kitten. but at that time it still okay. my 1st cat look like that she don't care at all. she allowed it even all her 3 kitten sleep & get milk from my 2nd cat. but what surprise me, yesterday when i back from work, i heard that 1 of my cat hissing & growling at the corner of my kitchen. & it was my 1st cats. she look so scare & keep growling. then when i take her to my 2nd cats(cause her kitten was there & i dont know what happen at 1st). my 1st cat start growling even harder & that the time when my 2nd cat jump at her & them start fight & it look so bad (i never seen them like that before). they keep fighting even when i try to stop them. my 2nd cats look very aggressive & she does not care even when i try to push her away from my 1st cat. she keep coming & chasing her until my 1st cat hide in the corner again. i think it only happen for a while. but it keep repeating till today. my 1st cats cant walk out from her hidden place & she even scare to eat or to use toilet. i really don't know what to. please help me with this. i pity my 1st cat, she look so scare & now she cant see her little kitten at all....


To understand this problem you have to think like a cat and understand their instincts etc.

cats are not social animals like dogs , what I mean is that they don't live in packs like dogs. cats can live very happily alone.

So when people decide to have more than one cat in their home they have to understand a few rules.

1.some cats will get along better with other cats if they were brought up with other cats from a very very young age and have always lives with other cats.

2. two female cats are less likely to get along as they can be very territorial with each other and this increases ten fold if they are not spayed and especially if they have kittens. In your case you have two un spayed cats both with kittens this is a recipe for disaster. why? because in the wild and a cats natural instinct is to drive away any rival females and their kittens as this means less territory and possible  for for their own litter. Remember cats don;t understand that in a domestic situation food and territory is not an issue. Cats are ruled by their instincts.

So in your case the fighting etc is not surprising and may not get better. My advice is to separate the females and their kittens until the kittens are weaned at around 8 to 12 weeks. Then you should have your female cats spayed. I don't know what you are going to do with all the kittens but if you are going to rehome them then you need to do this after they have been weaned. If you are going to keep them then they will need to be neutered / spayed when theya re around 4 to 5 months old. this will not only stop fighting but also more kittens.

best wishes kate

i have lots of pages on my cat site with lots of information about cat and kitten care.



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