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I have two cats a male Benji aged 7 and Belle aged 6. Belle was in an unfortunate accident on Friday whereby she was hit by a car. i picked her up from the vet yesterday (monday) and when i opened her box in the lounge, Benji started hissing and growling at her. i quickly separated them, as the vet has a concern that belle may have a spinal injury, but we need the swelling to come down before he can access again.

belle is currently been locked in one of our spare bedrooms, with a litter box, her food, bed and toys. when i went into the room this morning Benji followed me in and again attempted the hiss and growl at her, again i separated them.

My question is the two have always been loving with each other and very rarely fight. why would benji hiss and growl at belle, should this be a concern or should i give it a few days until belle is well enough to reintroduce them to each other?

Don't worry this is a common issue especially after a vet visit. It is called aggression trauma. i have written a web page about this issue which should give you all the information you need here


best wishes Kate


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