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Good evening,

Could do with a bit of advice please.

I just got in from work and my cat's limping. His rear left leg seem to stick out a bit and is stiff. When I rub it he doesnt seem to mind or flinch away from me and when he lays down he seems to lean away from his bad leg...
He had an operation around 6 months ago where he lost all of his tail and they had to go inside the pelvic region to remove all of it. The vets were concerned that it may affect his walking but he made a full recovery and has been running around like a lunatic since!
Do you think he may have just pulled something rather than a break or something more serious?

Thanks for any advice.



If it were a break he would be dragging it around and would more than likely be lying down more and would certainly flinch or cry out if you touched it. It may also be swollen.

I'm wondering if he may have a trapped nerve or perhaps slipped a disk or even dislocated it. The operation may be partly the cause or it may be coincidence. In any case your cat will need to see the vets as soon as possible. Cats are very good at covering pain and discomfort and in these sorts of incidences the quicker a vet can take a look the less chance of any long term damage etc.

Hope he is better soon

best wishes kate


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