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I adopted a kitten when she was three months old and she is 9 months old now and has been spayed. Over the past few weeks she has been really aggressive towards me and attacking me a lot. I'll be walking down the hallway and she will jump out of nowhere and attack my legs or arms. She will attack my feet and legs sometimes if I'm just sitting in a chair or on the couch. She also does it after I pick her up and move her off of the counter/table. She scratches and bites very hard when she attacks me. This last time, she attacked my face (pretty badly) twice in a matter of about two hours. The first time I laid my head back on the pillow and she jumped and attacked. The second time I was just sitting there looking at my computer screen and she attacked my face. She was NEVER like this before and nothing in the house has changed either to make her anxious or stressed. I live with two other people and she doesn't do this to either of them. I've never had a cat like this before so I have know idea what to do. Any suggestions?

Sounds to me that she is not being aggressive but is playing. Unfortunately she has not earned how to play and is biting etc to hard. This can happen with some cats if they are taken away from their mother too early or if early games with the owner have been around play fighting rather than teaching how to play nice as it were.

At three months she is still young enough to be trained to top this behavior.
My advice would be to do two things. Buy some new interactive toys for the kitten, something that they can play alone with to burn up energy and something you can play with them with without them having to attack your hands etc. /cat-toys.html

At the same time start to impose the discipline rules suggested on this page /cat-discipline.html

I really don't think this is an aggression issue but simply a case of cat who has not learned the boundaries yet.

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