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Is there a type of breed that is like a Maine Coon but miniature?! This is the only way I can describe my cat which I got from a rescue centre. She has the long bushy tail, the short, thick fur on the head which gets thicker and fluffier for the rest of her body, the ruff around the neck, croons rather than purrs as well as exhibiting typical behaviors of MC's.
She's a great cat, and I'm really not bothered about her being a pure breed, but it seems a bit mean to refer to her as a shrunken MC if I'm doing her a disservice!!!
Many thanks


The Maine Coon is one of three pedigreed Forest cats, the other two being the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian.  They all have very heavy bone relative to their size, semi-long fur, good depth to their chests.

The basics for these cats are all in the feral population, so over the 1,000 years or so that these cats have been around, there has been much intermingling in the feral population producing a number of variations on a theme with respect to size, pattern, and overall body type. In particular your girl sounds to be one of these variations.

She sounds to me like a domestic semi-longhair.

You might want to look up pictures of all three breeds to see what she appears to be closest to.


Best regards... Norm.  


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