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Hi, I have a 7 year old female tabby, I was outside with my cat tonight (it is very windy) and I noticed she looked in a direction like she was worried and then ran under the car, like something was there.. So I looked and there was nothing except a very strong breeze coming at my face.. She wouldn't come out from under the car until i got some bacon for her to eat, she then eventually came out but she looked in that direction again to see if that 'something' was there and then she came to me.. What is happening? Is she scared of the wind or is she having hallucinations?

Hi George,

No I would say it is neither of those two answers. It sounds like she smelled something that got her frightened. She then did what any smart kitty would do, she ran and hid under something that she figured would protect and shelter her from whatever she smelled. I would also venture to say that if it scared her and she hid then it might be something that could harm her. Is there any reason for her to be outside? It's a lot safer for her to be inside. And if you want her to have some outside experience consider building her an enclosure where she can be safe. Here's a link to show you what you could do.

Keep her inside. It's much safer for her. Hope this helped. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen  


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