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Hi Karen,

I recently took my cat to the vet to treat an ear infection. She was in a lot of pain when they tried to clean her ear. When the vet was done and I was about to leave his office with my cat in my arms, my cat scratched me (and on reflex I let her go). We searched around the entire block. We looked under cars, we called for her, we asked people if they had seen a gray short haired cat, etc. We also gave them a contact number. My cat has no collar on her (we lost the last one she managed to get off, and haven't bought her a new one yet because we wanted to take care of her ear first), and no microchip. She has no distinctive features. I was hoping that she would return to the vet's place because she was there about a month ago to get spated, so she's familiar with the place. How likely is it that she will return to the vet's place, and how can I help find her?  Just FYI: I live about 5 minutes by car away from the vet's place - how likely is it that she can find her way back home? She's also an outdoor access cat, so it's more likely that she will be familiar with the area near my house.

Hi Karen,

This is a little hard to answer. I hope I will be able to help you. It is hard to predict what your cat might do. She may associate the vets with pain and may not stay around there. She may be around there but is frightened because of what happened. She may make her way back home. Some cats have a really good instinct to locate home. And you live nearby which is a plus. No matter what, you are going to have to be proactive and try to get her back at both areas. I am giving a link to an old expert here whose specialty was getting lost cats back home. Follow her suggestions at both areas. And any other area where you think she might be. I would also look up a few more answers from this expert and see what else she has to say. And I am giving a few more links from other sources to help. The more information you have the better your success rate. And don't lose hope. Cats have come back home 5 months after losing their people. You just have to keep up with what is needed to get her back.

Hope this helped. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen  


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