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Hi.. my 3year old cat zoey is due really soon. yesterday she started acting like she was going into heat but the behavior was different then her usual heat behaviors. alot of rolling on floor. running through rooms, acting goofy. last night i woke up to hey yelping. my male cat charlie had mated with her and im guessing she allowed it. she acted just like she did when the first mated back in early November. we can feel several lumps in her belly that move and she has all other signs of being pregnant. today she has done alot of sleeping so far and is kinda grouchy to me when she usually purrs. why did she mate with the male last night. what does that mean? whats with her behavior? is something wrong? still felt movement from babies this morning. are the babies going to be hurt from the mating last night? im so confused and cant find any answers. only thing i read was her hormone levels are severely high due to birth approaching and that causes her to think shes in heat and can allow mating. is that true??? ahhhhh please help.

Hi Jennifer,

It could be her hormones that are causing this. You need to keep the male away from her. He can harm the unborn kits.  He will try to mate with her as soon as she gives birth. And he might try to kill the kits. He might do this to induce her to go into heat right away. I would get him fixed immediately or you are going to have another litter on your hands. I would also say that she is ready to give birth. Hope this helped. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen


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