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I adopted two spayed sisters 1 month ago from a loving shelter, Apricot and Pepper. They are adorable and I love them both.  Alhto they did not sleep together they got along very well with each other the first 2 weeks and were extremely affectionate with me. Apricot is outgoing while Apricot is shyer but equally affectionate. I took them to the vet the 3rd week and after that things changed. Apricot the alpha cat will not tolerate any attention I pay to Pepper. For example, when I play with both, with a toy, Apricot (the alpha cat) immediately stalks off in a huff. When I get home at night both rush to greet me. Pepper is smaller and faster and gets there first and as soon as she does, Apricot stalks off again, looking teed off. After these occurences Apricot chases Pepper around the apartment and often bites and jumps on her and there is much hissing and growling.  For a while Pepper was very intimidated, hiding and never coming out, but now she has gotten braver and holds her own, even attacking. The biggest drama is at bedtime because both love to sleep on the bed next to me.  For a while, they would sleep on opposite sides, one on my left and one on my right quite peacefully, but now Apricot tries to "guard" the bedroom. She will not tolerate Pepper in the bedroom at all and chases her unmercifully, not in a playing way.  

I feel the jealousy started when they both got very attached to me, but there is only one of me, and I don't know how to handle it. I want to keep them both but not if they are so unhappy. How can I help work this situation out? A grateful thanks for any insight.

Hi Carol,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I had the flu. This territory based aggression starts gradually. And the visit to the vet may have been a catalyst. One of your cats may have picked up an odor that the other cat didn't recognize. This will set aggressive behavior off. I would suggest you get a cat pheromone home diffuser product such as Feliway Comfort Zone. This will help calm them down. Also you can give the aggressor this,or something like it.

Get two cat beds for your room. Put them on opposite sides of your bed for them. I think that if you use these things the cats will settle down. Take time and brush them out with the same brush. This will spread their scents to each other. In a week or so things will calm down. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen


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