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Cats/2 years old male cat gone missing since 14 days


QUESTION: Hi, our 2 years 3 month old male cat is missing since 14 days. We stay in a congested area in Bangalore, India.
He is a indoor cat but he usually goes to our neighbor's terraces to relax. On Sept 17th night ( almost after midnight) after dinner he went outside and never came back. He is not neutered. I gave fliers in our neighborhood and i even got a couple of positive calls( for eg. you cat is crying on our terrace) but by the time we reached there he had changed his location. Is there a possibility of his to return. As he was crying a lot since a couple of months, for him we even brought home and adopted a 4 months' old female kitten ( now she's almost 6 months), but still he ran away ( maybe she is still not matured). We love him a lot and missing him badly. What are the chances of his return? We are praying to God that he is safe and he returns home soon. :( Through there a lot of stray dogs around, our cat is intelligent enough to climb trees and buildings, he can sense dogs from a long distance. Most of the people around here are telling that your cat will not return, this kind of replies are making me n my wife very nervous. We took care of him like our son, he used to eat along with us, sleep in our bed etc. Please tell me what are the chances of him to come back.

ANSWER: Hi Sandeep,

What a handsome cat! The truth is that he has been gone a long time, and chances that he'll come back are growing small. The unfortunate thing about unneutered cats is that they like to roam. Sometimes they roam for miles, never to return home. But I have experience with more than one cat that roamed for weeks, months, and one for over a year before coming back. It's not impossible that he will come home once he's done pursuing females for the time. The best thing you can do for now is keep a close watch and keep flyers out for him. In my area, a dog was returned to its owner after three years because they were sure to keep flyers up!

If the service is available, I recommend that you have your female spayed, since she is likely to roam, too. And if your male returns, it would be best to get him neutered. Hopefully, this will prevent him from wandering off again.

Best wishes,

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QUESTION: Thanks very much Jessica! A couple of days back our cat was spotted around 400 meters from our home by some children and they gave the exact description, even saying that his red collar is intact albeit the bells are missing. He even landed at one of the children's home two days ago and they offered him milk and he drank happily. No since yesterday i am looking around that area, but there are no signs of him. One thing is for sure, that it's 18 days now and he is still safe and alive. Is there a possibility of him changing the territory? I have seen many female cats around that area with minimal stray dogs to bother him. Waiting for your reply.

He may be changing territories. This usually happens when a cat finds something unattractive at home or something very attractive abroad. So it may be something like he is being fed something very tasty where he's at right now, or there are many female cats. Or he was disturbed by certain noises or scents in the area at home. It's often impossible to know the mind if a cat!

If you can find the area where he is staying, maybe the best way to get him home is to go to his place two times every day, at the same times each day, and bring him food. Cats develop a habit of coming for food on time very quickly. If you see him, catch him and take him home. But the only way you will make him stay is to keep him in a closed house for now. This will be impossible if your windows don't have screens. He needs to stay indoors for a couple of months. Then he is likely to forget about where he had been going. However, if he remains unneutered or there is something around the area making him fearful, he is likely to wander off again.

I hope you are able to find him!



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