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I have 4 cats ranging from the ages of 3 to 11 years old.  They eat blue buffalo dry food which is available to,them 24/7.  The problem is the wet food.  Depending on their moods, 3 like the buffalo and one the wellness or 1 likes the buffalo and 3 likes the wellness or it could be any combination any day.  It is getting too expensive between the two wet foods.  Most of the times they eat one or two bites of the wet food and walk away and never return.  If I wanted to have them on a dry food diet what is the easiest way to transition or tell me a cheaper food and how to get them all on one wet food?  HELP!

Hi Ellen,

It sounds like your cats are already on a dry food diet for all practical purposes. They may like to have a couple of bites of wet food for variety, but it sounds like they prefer the dry, and this is their main staple. Simply discontinuing the canned should not be a problem, since they don't eat large portions of it.

If you WANT to give them a canned food, I do not find that the quality requirements for canned foods are as stringent as for dry foods in order to keep cats healthy and happy. That opinion will aggravate some “purists", but I'll explain my position.

Low-quality dry foods are typically filled up with grains like a ton of corn and wheat. While some grains contain fiber, and a ittle fiber can be beneficial, grains are also full of carbohydrates, and outside what might be found as predigested content in the stomach of their prey, grains are NEVER part of a cat's natural diet. The carbs in grains can lead to extra weight and bladder infections/crystals. It's best to avoid them as much as possible, and higher end dry foods USUALLY contain less than cheap foods.

Canned foods, however, don't usually contain tons in the way of grains. Instead, cheaper foods use more animal byproducts than higher end foods do. In fact, some higher end foods have MORE veggies and grains. Byproducts can include all organs and body parts, including bones, beaks, potentially even feathers. The high end foods love to use this as a gross-out factor, and assure their products are byproduct free, because we hate to think of eating these things. But these things ARE all consumed as part of a cat's natural diet. I feed my cats a high end dry food and a low end canned food (9 Lives), and they are healthy. I think you can get away with feeding a high quality dry food and a lower quality canned food if you like. I do personally stay away from store brands, and I am sure to follow feeding guidelines to maintain their healthy weight.

Good luck!


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