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I have two cats, they were getting along great for a couple of years. Now the older one just hisses and growls all the time at the younger one. I think the older one maybe jealous, both are very close to me.


Jealousy isn't really something that cats feel. there world revolves around territory and scent. So when behavior like this happens for no apparent reason we have to think what is different that could be making your cat behave like this.

There is a thing called aggression trauma which is based around fear and change / scent. for a fuller explanation please see my page on my site called

However there may be another cause especially if your cat is very old. Older cats can suffer from a form of dementia and this can make them behave out of character. See my page under the cat care heading called senior cats.

At the end of the day if you can rule these things out then it may be an idea to have your older cat checked over in case the aggression is caused by some pain or discomfort they are feeling and which they take out on your other cat.

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