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Okay, so my situation is a little complicated. Up until about a week ago, I was caring for two cats. One is a 15 year old, strictly indoor silver-point birman(my cat), and one indoor/outdoor (cat I was pet-sitting for 3 months). Now, I am again caring for two cats because I was just given $60 to take a cat that "might" be pregnant, and I feel definitely is. Unfortunately, the cat I was pet-sitting for was unfortunately not flea treated and now we are facing an infestation, so I am asking for advice to help us treat the house, my cats, and the soon to be litter of kittens.

--Also, the pregnant cat, aged 7-8 months by the previous owners, came to us with a flea collar that I have removed today because I don't agree with their usefulness and safety. Would it be safe to treat her with Advantage II this soon?

Well I don't envy you, getting rid of fleas in the home can be a bit of a long process as you have to treat everything and sometimes several times. I have done it twice now and i know just how frustrating it can be but it is do able.

OK so all the cats have to be treated with a spot on treatment. As for the pregnant cat i wuld think it is Ok but perhaps a quick call to the vets just to check. they should tell you this without a charge.

As for the house well you will have to use powders and sprays. make sure the cats are kept out of the rooms when you do them.the powders have to be left down for a short time and then hoovered up your cats should be fine to enter after this as long as they have been treated first.

Please can I refer you to a page on my website for full details.

I agree with you about the flea collars they are not good at all.

best of luck and keep smiling you're doing a great job taking care of these cats.



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