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My partner and I are splitting up, he is staying in the house and I am moving out. My cat and I hav a special bond and she is with me all times when I am home, we play at certain times, do certain things. She sleeps on the bed with me at night. We really are obsessed with each other. She is from a farm so not really domestic and dislikes all people and won't say in the house when we have guests. She only tolerates my father in law. She has her areas outside but doesn't go that far.

Do you think as she is feral it would be less traumatic to lose me or her home? i will be devastated leaving her behind but don't want to cause her grief she will not get over. Or cause her to run away. I am in turmoil as she is my best friend but can't risk her running away or becoming a sad cat.

This is a tricky one for me to answer as I know how I would feel having to leave my cat behind.

Only you can really judge how traumatic a move be fr her. All I can say is that unfortunately cats are more attached to territory than people. Scent, territory and instincts are what drive cats at the end of the day and although they can form bonds with us it is less important to them.

Having said that many people move with their cats and i most do get used to their new homes etc. But every cat is different. So again unfortunately only you can judge your cat best.

Sorry i could not be of more help.

good luck with whatever you decide.

best wishes Kate


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