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I have a 4 year old female cat who wondered into my backyard a year ago. She has been an indoor cat all her life and has never lived with other animals according to her previous owner. 2 weeks ago, I adopted a 1.5 year old female cat. She was a stray and had a couple of kittens before so I would assume that she has been around other cats. Both are fixed.
As many websites suggest, I put the new cat in a guest bedroom and switched places with the old cat every now and then and also did the towel technique. The old cat seemed pretty curious so I thought there was potential. I fed them with a door between them and sometimes I would open the door a little bit and play with the new cat while the old cat watches, vice-versa, but never play together. I have a large cat cage so sometimes I would put the new cat in the cage and cover it partially while the old cat sniffs and hisses around the cage. The new cat doesn't seem to care much but the old cat, although curious, spits and hisses.
Yesterday, I assumed that the cats seemed ok with each other's company and for the first time opened the guest bedroom door completely. Big mistake. The new cat sniffed around as the old cat hissed and growled. I gave them food and they ate a little but it didn't help. Several short chases later (all initiated by the old cat), the new cat seemed to have gotten fed up with it and started a huge chase. The old cat kept screaming and yowling and it was nasty. Luckily no one got hurt and now it's back to square one. Or worse.
Will you please give me some advice to make the cats at least tolerate each other in the same space?

Thank you


well the good news is that you are going everything right to make the introduction as pleasant as possible. the bad news is that if you expected them to get along without any spats at all after your efforts I'm afraid you will always be disappointed.

Basically what you have done is allowed your cats to gets used to the idea of another cat being around however they still need to sort things out together regarding hierarchy etc. this is a completely cartual behavior and one that has to be gone though.

I have two brother cats who even to this day will still have the odd spitting, chasing and fighting spats to ascertain who is in charge that day.

I know that cat "fights" (although they may not necessarily be full on fights) can sound awful but in general it is the cats way to sort out position in the house and theres not much you can do. Your efforts so far will have made it easier for your cats even if you don't think so. believe me their reaction to each other without your efforts could have been far worse.

My advice is to go back to what you were doing for a  few days and then try again. things will ease with time but don't expect them to live happily ever after with each other all the time. Sorry

best of Luck



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