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If my cat bred almost four weeks ago what signs should I be seeing right now? Like I said she only had contact with one male intact kitten who was about 5 months old. I found them both in my room with her being under the bed (not laying on her back tho) and him on the other side of the bed. She doesn't tolerate other cats except her brother (fixed litter mate and lives downstairs with another neighbor) coming near her under my bed so how would I tell the difference between a "mating" scream and "get away from me" scream? She's been sleeping more the last few days but she does that sometimes just before going into heat. You said morning sickness happens soon after mating so how soon after is normal for that to happen? She threw up once this week and hasn't thrown up since and it's been four weeks since she may have mated.


We find that between 21 days after being bred and about 55 days into the pregnancy, except for some weight gain, and the nipples beginning to get more prominent, there is not much you can tell.

BTW, nipples can go pink when the female is coming back into heat.

You can always go to the vet and see if they can tell you anything, but I might wait a little later on to be more sure she is or is not pregnant.

Best regards.... Norm.


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