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Our boy
Our boy  
I have a problem with my beautiful, almost 9 years old Siamese boy.
He gets serious constipation and while he has a good appetite and a water fountain that needs refilling every few days since he drinks a lot ( the fountain is cleaned every weekend); when he goes to the toilet the best he can achieve are a few small  fairly dry dark round nuggets often full of hair and fibres despite all the grooming and keeping anything with hair out of his reach. Alas there is nothing I can do to stop him grooming himself so he can still ingest hair that way.
I have just had him at the vet because he went off his food and wasn't going to the toilet without help (lactalose or hair ball remedy as prescribed by the vet# and after an examination the vet thought there was a blockage but an anaesthetic, xray,  barium enema and £150 later and the result is my vet #who is supposed to be the best in this area) is none the wiser all he can confirm is its not megacolon and he cant find any signs of a blockage so has told me to go on giving him lactalose and hair ball paste.

Itís all very worrying as I donít want my boy to be in distress and I really donít like having to give him daily laxatives so I need to get to the bottom of all this but I donít know what else to try.

Here is some other info about him to give you a fuller picture.
He eats dry and wet food the dry is a mix of Royal Canin Siamese 38 and Royal Cainin vet diet Skin and Hairball, the wet is either a tray of Sheba select slices or a sachet of white meat Tuna flakes.  He has a Glucosamine supplements on the wet food for his arthritis.  He has two Cat-it fresh water fountains as he prefers to drink running water.

He is a pedigree and I took him on from a customer who said she was returning to Australia and needed to rehome him so I donít know much about the first 4 years of his life.  
About four months after he moved in with us we found he has arthritis in both back legs; he also has a number of allergies in particular something in his annual jabs so he has to have them separately  and he reacts badly to anesthetics so we have problems with both.

I am pretty sure he suffers from Feline Hyperesthesia as he definitely twitches a lot, can be over sensitive to touch, can get very vocal for no reason and on a couple of occasions I have thought he was having an epileptic fit as he rolled over and over and then started swaying and looked very distresses but the vet insisted it was the result of a violent form of colic.
On the plus side he is full of character and definitely a people orientated cat though he hates vets and has been known to nibble visitors, that said he is great with us and they loved him at the cattery when we went on holiday last year.  

I am with him 24/7 so he is generally curled up next to me having a cuddle or a fuss but he really hates being cold but we are pensioners and canít afford to have the heating on all the time so while the house is chilly he will hide under cushions or a blanket, curl up on a heated floor or like now sleep under our quilt and during the night he regularly sneaks in the bottom of the bed.

He loves to play and will fetch a glove or throw it up in the air and catch it.   He has a fetish for real wool and will happily eat it so we have to keep anything made from wool away from him including pure new wool jumpers and toys I make.  
Most of the time he loves having his back groomed though he can suddenly decide he has had enough and will get really stroppy and there are places he wonít let you groom at all especially his arms and legs and  lower tummy.  

He is an important part of our lives and I hate to see him distressed so if you have had a similar experieince so can shed a light on whats going on or think you can point us in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Hello Gene,
Thank you for your inquiry, and for such a wonderfully detailed question, and for the pictures of your beautiful boy!
Unfortunately, I am a groomer who answers questions about cat grooming.  I'm not a vet, so I cannot answer
your question accurately.  In my opinion, however, I think I would get a second opinion from another vet.  I have never
had this experience with any of my own kitties, so I have nothing to draw on.  I am so sorry I could not be of
any help.  Perhaps there are vets on this site who can offer some assistance.
Thank you again for your inquiry, and I wish you and your Siamese boy the best.


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