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Hey, my boyfriend and I got a cat from this French lady who didn't specify where she got him. All she said was he was to noisy and too much cat hair. He's quite adorable, but quite unlike any other cat i've ever met. First of all he's BIG, very heavy but very skinny. He's about 8 or 9 months old and he has the personality of a dog. He's quite vocal and loves to play with toys, especially mice, he'll carry them around by the tail in his mouth. He's very affectionate and loves to cuddle. We also have a female cat and although she's in heat, he doesnt seem very interested in anything other than playing with her. He's about the height of a small dog at this point, probably close to the weight of one too. he also has the longest tail i've ever seen on a cat and quite a long body too and BIG paws when he stretches them. He has very strange markings on his face and body. please take a look at the pictures i sent and hopefully you'll know better than i do !

well he is not a particular breed. He looks like he is what is commonly called a moggie i.e has many different cats breeds in his blood line.

His markings are tabby. There are several different types of tabby markings and this is one of them. he may also have some Maine coon in him as they re very large cats ad are known as the gentle giants.

In any case he is beautiful and looks like a great cat

best wishes Kate


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