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Hi. I have a female 9 month old cat. Shes been going indoors and out everyday for about 3-4 months. But today she was meowing like mad to come in through the window. But wouldnt come in. So i walked rounfd to get her and she was covered in poo. So i gave her a shower as i have a young daughter and dont want her touching her. Whilst i was bathing her. She was meowing weirdly and not acting herself. Then i noticed her bum was bleeding slightly and it was red and inflamed. She also had a graze like make near that area. Shes been quite and sleeping for 6 hours since she came in. Which isnt like her. She hasnt used to toilet or eaten since. I dont know whats wrong. I dont want to jump straight to the vets. Costing 35 just to check her. My partner said she might have just had sex for the first time. Anyone know whats wrong?


Sorry to say but if this was my cat would want to take her to the vets. theres no way of knowing what has happened to her but if there blood then she may need an internal examination or even antibiotics. i really wouldn't want to take any chances with an infection springing up.

Hope she is OK

best wishes Kate


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