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Hi Kate,

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to ask you some questions about fostering a cat. I will be fostering a cat named Margo starting in August. She seems totally sweet and I am really excited to look after her. I have never had my own cat before, (I have taken care of my neighbors' cats and love my current roommate's cat) so I wanted to ask for some tips on how to make Margo most comfortable when she gets here. I have been visiting the shelter about once a week just to say Hi to her, but it is a very small shelter so I haven't really been able to take her out of her cage, I usually just stick my hand in and pet her. Is there anything I can do so that she knows who I am?

Secondly, when I bring her home in August, what are some things I should know? How long do cats usually take to adjust after being in a shelter for a long time? Should I expect certain behaviors from her? Do you think it will be ok for me to put her litter box in the basement, when she is so used to it being right next to her all the time?  If she behaves in a way that I don't want her to, what is the best way to discipline her?

I want to take very good care of her, so I thought I should start preparing for her to arrive, even though that won't happen til August. Thanks so much for letting me bombard you with questions!

All the best,

PS: Here is her ad on Petfinder. It doesn't say it on this ad, but she has been in foster care type programs before.

Well it's great news to hear that another cat is being rescued from a shelter. Congratulations.

You ask a lot of questions and some of them don't really have a definite answer I.e how long will it take for her to adjust? Every cat is different and it really is impossible to say.

As for her litter tray. Well, as long as it is not near her food bowl, is not in a place which could be scary i,e next to a noisy washing machine etc then she should be fine. She may take a little while to get used to it and you may have to do some litter training for awhile.

To be honest with you because you have so many questions and most of them are answered on my own website i.e re cat discipline, cat litter training, cat behavior etc it would be easier for you to read through my comprehensive pages which i hope will give you all the answers you need.

My site is

I wish you many happy years together

best wishes Kate


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