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Cats/my cat was spayed yesterday and is now leaking a nasty liquid from her anus


I got my 6 month old female cat spayed yesterday
She was fine until today when I came home to a terrible smell and found clearish brown thin liquid on the floor. I checked her and because she has long fur it was all over her bottom. Her stitches are perfectly ok but she keeps leaking this liquid... I am concerned

Hi Meranda,

I think you should get your kitty to an urgent care center. If she's leaking a fluid, it's possible she's leaking it from the vagina, and the foul-odored fluid is the result of an infection. When a foul fluid is leaking out, an infection is raging inside - one that can be deadly within hours. I don't think your kitty should wait until Monday to be seen since this is a strong possibility.

It could be possible the antibiotic injection they gave her caused some loose stools. Extremely rarely, nerve damage and incontinence has been associated with a spay surgery. I don't suspect the latter here. But if your kitty's belly is so upset that she's fecally incontinent, it would be best to get her prompt treatment before she becomes dehydrated.

Best wishes with her!


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