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Cats/my kittens are dieing off


my sister gave us eight kittens to watch for two weeks and they are diening off. they all die the same way too they drool and gasp for air, they are lymp to where we think they are already dead the gasping is 10 to 20 seconds apart. we have five left. my moms friend told us to put a little bit of bakeing soda in their food( which is kitten food and cream to fatten them up) ive checked their poo for dead worms and there are worms present. when the poo they sit in it too and i was wondering if i bathe them or what. i need a answer asap i cant see them keep dieing it kills.

Oh my goodness I donít know what to say. Why haven't you taken them to a vet?

Kittens can be susceptible to all sorts of illnesses, worms, fleas and stomach upsets can all kill kittens. They need to be properly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. You have to give kittens the right medication for their problems if you give the wrong thing then this too could make things worse.

Do not put Baking soda in their food.

Are the kittens still with their mother? How old are they? If they are younger than 12 weeks then they are not weaned properly and need special kitten milk. Normal milk will give them the runs as most cats are allergic to lactose in cows milk.

As you can see if you donít know what there problem is then there is no way for you to be able to take care of them properly. They need to be seen by a vet as soon as possible.

I'm sorry but there is simply no way anyone can help you without seeing the kittens. I do hope you are able to get them some help soon

Best of luck



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