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Cats/Strange behaviour in my cat, need advice ASAP.


My ginger boy car aged 6 is normally very lively happy cat but yesterday he hasn't been eating, he seems to be doing a strange snacking sound with his mouth like he has a lot of saliva. He is walking around really slow and just sitting down all of the time. His eyes also seem tired and sad all of the time. I don't have any money to get him to a vets till the end of the week and I just wanted advice if you think it is something I should be worried about?
Many thanks and any information would be a great help Xx

Hi Kristina,

Your cat's behavior is disconcerting. At the very least, he sounds dehydrated to me, which could account for the smacking noises he's making with his mouth and the sunken look to his eyes, as well as his loss of energy. However, there are many root causes of dehydration, including fever, kidney failure, diabetes, heat stress and loads of other causes. His symptoms can also be caused by things other than dehydration. Poisoning (either unintentional from eating plants, or otherwise) or an oral infection are just a couple of examples.

If your cat is seriously dehydrated, he won't have until the end of the week to wait. I would strongly urge you to see if you can borrow money until the end of the week to get him in straight away. Or, see if any vets will allow you to leave a post-dated check that they can hold until then. I'm not sure how agreeable they will be to this in your area, but here, many vets are actually very willing when a situation this serious arises.

Short of this, I think the best thing you can do is try to syringe-feed your cat plenty of water and some chicken baby food. It would be best for him to have at least two jars of baby food each day (the stage one baby food, which contains chicken and broth only), and he should have at least 8 ounces of water in addition to this. But I have to warn you that he sounds, from my experience, like he is in serious condition, and I think he needs much more attention than this type of supportive care before the end of the week. If he begins vomiting, you should discontinue feeding anything. It's possible he has a bowel obstruction, and feeding will worsen his condition.

Best wishes,


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