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So I have this 3 month old kitten. I just got him like a week or so ago. At first, I wasn't working so I spent alot of time with him. However, I just started work and I have a schedule where he's alone for the majority of day. He's stopped eating as much. I feed him wet food and dry food mixed. He won't eat as much now. Also, I don't want him sleeping in my room. So, I leave him out and he just meows and cries for a good while. Also, when he sees me go in my room and close the door, he'll start crying. What can I do? I like him but this crying is getting out of hand. He wakes me up at random hours of night from meowing. Would closing him in his own room help??

Unfortunately he has become used to a routine and now that things have changed it can be hard to break. i have two cats and they will try to break my bedroom door down some nights to get in if I decide to keep them out. yes placing him in his own room at night with plenty of toys a nice place to sleep and his litter and water and a little food could help. Make sure that you play with him just before bedtime and give him a meal then to try and settle him down for the night. he should over time become used to the new routine.

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