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We get a lot of strays that are abandoned out where we live, and while we try to get them fixed or taken to the shelter, a lot of them breed and we have a small feral colony. Well, I found a pair of young male cats that weren't part of our usual locals, and they were exceedingly friendly and desperately wanted to be house cats. They weren't quite adults, and based on their affection for one another, I assumed they were brother, and brought them in. We dewormed and defleaed(?) them, but when it came to vaccinations and getting them fixed, we had to wait out the shelter's schedule.

Unfortunately, because it's summer, it's taken a few months to get on their list and get the boys fixed, and they started peeing/spraying in corners. They have now been fixed, but the behavior has continued. Is there anything that I can do to discourage/stop this? And I'm honestly not sure if it is marking or just peeing; I thought cats literally sprayed, but they squat down to leave a puddle (I did suspect a urinary problem, which my mother-in-laws cats have, she gives them a special food brand which we tried but it didn't help)


you did not say how long ago the cats were neutered. If it was recently then it can take a few weeks to a couple of months before their hormone levels drop. So the spraying could still be part of the tom cat scenting process.

However even neutered cats can still spray from time to time when they feel threatened by an outsider or when things change in the home. it can be a complicated issue whereby you have to be a detective to find the cause. I have a few pages on my cat information site which goes through all the possible causes and how yo can deal with them. Although it is not always easy.

check all the pages under this heading on my site for more information /cat-urine.html

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