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QUESTION: This question is really for Ali but it says she is maxed out?  I do not understand this?  Maybe you can give this letter to her, as I don't know what to do.

Hi Ali:

I originally wrote you on Nov. 14 about my cat Baby who is now 19 ˝ years old.  He has hyperthyroidism and 15% of his kidneys.

I got thyroid pills (1/2 a dose every 12 hours) & he is doing fine. His blood tests were normal.

I got Saline for him & needles (so it would be cheaper for me to do it from my home).  I am giving him 1 cc of Lactulose every 12 hours.

I do not know if most cats of his age have normal results or if this is just a transitional stage that he is going through.  The Vet spoke to me of thinking about his passing away & making plans for grief councelling since I’ve had him 18 years on Feb. 28 of this year.  I pray to God that he will make it to the summer time.  Here we’ve had severely cold weather (up to –50 with wind chill) and lots of snow.  Baby would like to go outside and he has gone outside the few times it has been –10 or less.

What concerns me right now, is that he shows no affection, he was a very, very affectionate cat who would cuddle up with me up to 5 hours a day when I was reading my book in bed (I am disabled).  Now all he wants is attention but when I try to just hold him & cuddle with him he fights to get away.  I don’t know if this is caused by the thyroid pills (the Vet didn’t or wouldn’t say) or if he feels some resentment to my and my friend Ron.

Since you said you had a cat with the same symptoms and he passed away, I thought maybe you could give me some advise.

Thanks very much


ANSWER: Jenny,

I am not a vet, and have never had this problem with a particular cat.

So, I am at a loss as to how I can help you. However, at age 18, he is very geriatric and may be in some physical distress.

Has he been to a vet?  If so, what did the vet say. Usually, at the end either the kidneys or the liver shuts down. Have these been checked?

Concerned regards... Norm.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Of Course, he's been to a Vet.  I took him to another Vet on Oct. 31 who ripped me off & wanted to keep on ripping me off & I had to go to another Clinic.  Originally he had a severe UTI Infection & was in severe pain & he hid his illness until I saw only gel in his litter box for poop and pee.  He was also diagozed with hyperthyroidism and with the use of only 15% of his kidneys.

I took him to the other clinic & the Vet there gave him antibiotics for his UTI infection & gave me pain meds to give him for 2 weeks, plus she injected fluids.
On Nov. 8, I was given 2.5mg of Thyroid pills, the lowest dosage available & I cut the tablets in two & give 1/2 every 12 hours.  He had blood tests just before xmas & everything was normal.  I was also given Saline & needles to give him Fluids at home to flush out his kidneys.  The Vet told me that he had a heart murmur because of the hyperthyroidism & would die of a heart attack before kidney failure.  She never mentioned anything about his liver, so I assume there is nothing wrong with his liver, so he won't die of liver failure.

So, yes my Cat is under a Vet's care...... I don't understand how you thought that he wasn't, when I said I was giving him thyroid pills and had gotten fluids & needles to inject in him to flush out his kidneys.  I could not treat my cat without a Vet.

Perhaps, I should go back to Ali and talk to her as she was the original person I talked to.  I thought maybe you would pass the email onto Ali, as I didn't understand what maxed out meant when I wanted to leave the email for her.



I did not mean to imply that your cat is not under vet care, but, here in the USA, it is not very difficult for "lay" people to be able to get medications and medical devices for their pets without a prescription.

Since Ali has had much more experience with this sort of geriatric issue than we have, and you have a history in this case, Ali would probably be more appropriate to answer this than I am. I have no way to pass this on to Ali, so I would repost the original question.

There are limits as to how many questions each of us has agreed to handle in a day, and this may be what the "maxed out" reference was about.

Again, I am not a vet, and am sorry I cannot offer more for your cat.

Apologetic regards... Norm.  


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