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Cats/cat loosing hair above tail and upper hind legs


cat balding on hind
cat balding on hind  
QUESTION: Our rescue main coon has been loosing hair. I thought it was fleas and so did our vet, but after frontline this time, she became worse and seems sicker and loosing weight slightly.  She looks thin all over her body.

I've tried apple cider vinegar which I heard will get rid of fungus and appeared to help just slightly, also vitamins that stop hair from falling out  only used now about 3 times.

Just need a suggestion, she looks terrible.  I don't see excessive grooming and no ring type formations, what is this and are foods now toxic that they sell in the stores?  I also just had a friend have a litter of golden retriever puppies and she said two were born one without a shoulder (put down), and one that died before birth and only four pups.  Usually her past goldens have had litters of 10 -13.  Is it possible that since online we're seeing decreased litters, more skin problems in animals that the foods we are using are not good for them?  Just want Raisin the cat to feel better.  She's just a little over 1 years old.  She came last December.  Oh, another cat was just dropped and we bottle fed one this year that was left in the road.  Both of them are very healthy and doing well.

ANSWER: Marianne

I am not a vet, but there are a number of possibilities as to why she is over grooming. First of all how old is she?  How long have you had her?

Is she spayed? If she is not spayed, you probably should have her spayed, in case the issue is hormonal.

I am not a vet, but it could be a food allergy.  The first thing I would do is to not use any food wheat, corn, soy, or gluten! Cats are obligate carnivores and cannot use plant protein at all, so these grains are not going to add any protein to what they are being fed.

Pet super markets now carry a number of premium foods which do not have these products.

Another possibility may be a behavioral issue.  Are there any other pets in the house? Are there any young children in the household? If she is not used to being around other pets or young children, she might over groom.

As you can see this may take some detective work top get to the bottom of the issue.

Please let me know how she is doing.

Best regards... Norm.

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QUESTION: I do see her grooming, but it  seem excessive.  She almost looks like it's thinning over her body, a bit more.  This happened once, then went away.  We thought it was fleas.  

First time went away it appeared with the flea medicine, this time it's worse.  She is going this week to be spayed.  She almost acts like she is hypersensitive to everything.  Not a very mellow cat.  Very easily afraid of things.  Almost appeared to me like her eyes were very buggy and I wondered about thyroid?  Not sure of anything, she will be going to a vet in about a week for her fix.

and thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Marianne,

Please let me know what the vet finds.  Remember, it takes a few of weeks after spaying for the hormones to dissipate, so the behavior may continue. I would still consider a food allergy and, to be safe, try to change your feeding.  BTW, what do you feed?

Best regards... Norm.

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QUESTION: Thanks Norm,  I appreciate your answer and I feed her just food from the grocery purina kitten chow just recent, because trying to find an answer.  Sheba pure' turkey.  That's what we found to lessen the stuff, but maybe not the purina, seems to make it worse.  My dogs are on Flint River Ranch potato and duck


Look at Taste of the Wild or Holistic Select dry or wet. These do not have corn, wheat, soy, or gluten.  Also, try to stay away from beef.

There may be other perfectly fine foods, but you will have to check the ingredients.

Best regards... Norm.


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