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Good day,  I have a  1 year old ginger cat.  He is muted.  
I will just give you a quick background of Kitty which I think would help you in giving me advice:
Kitty is quite passionate and talks (maybe laugh – ggggrrrrrr, ggggrrmieu) a lot. Daily,  he would lick my hand, and loves me brushing him,  rubbing his chin or head or under his cheeks.  Out of pure enjoyment he would lie on his back so that I could continue tender loving care him. To me it seems as if he wants to please me. So, in his 1 year of life,  I  only occasionally had to reprimand him. I am trying my best to “educate” and   discipline  him according to the book. Therefore,  I have used my voice with a stern “no”.  He listens obediently.   Each evening I set aside a playtime,  then I’d play with him,  each evening I’m rotating his toys.
All in all   my opinion is that he loves every moment of his life, and I guess,  like any cat owner, I am of the opinion that he adores me.
Now this is my concern.  Whenever we play with the green teddy on a string,  my Kitty laughs louder , seemingly enjoy this particular toy the most.  Just about 3 minutes in the game, my Kitty would make a loud gggggrrrrrrr and pump ontop of my hand and arm.  He keeps on doing that for at least 1 minute .  And  , he grips (not bite with his teeth, but a hard grip) my hand. I’ve tried to put the teddy in his mouth,  but he prefers my arm.   In Kitty’s pumping ,  I know his intent is not to scratch me,  but he does.  
I do not know if this is unhealthy or what.  Please could you give me advice.

Thank you for contacting AllExperts for advice about your kitty.
Sometimes cats will react amorously when they are exposed to catnip.  Does the
green teddy have catnip in it?
They will also generally make that lower ggggrrrr sound when they are excited or
if they have captured a kill.
I'm sure there are other experts on this site that may be able to offer a better explanation
for your kitty's behaviour.  
I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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