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Hello. I own a 144 year old mostly healthy Maine Coon female. She is the only animal in our house. I live with my parents currently. Missy(cat) has shown favor for both my mother and me, but has adopted me as hers. Ever since she was little, she has always slept in my room with me. I moved out for a few years and the move was too stressful to her, so I gave her to my mom to take care of. I moved back in after a break up and Missy instantly went back to her old ways. Sleeping with me, greeting me at the door, and seeking comfort from me whenever she was scared.

Unfortunately, Missy was abused by my step brothers as a kitten, so she does not take kindly to any strangers, much less males. She usually runs and hides. But as she's gotten older, she has become temperamental about visitors and will hiss at some. We never force her to be around strangers.

Last week I had my best friend stay over after she had been fighting with the father of her daughter and needed somewhere to crash. Missy hissed at her, and did not want to even be in the same room as her. My friend respected that my cat didn't care for her and didn't try to chase her or anything. My friend slept in my room while I crashed on the couch. After that day, my cat refuses to sleep in my room with me at all. She'll still hang out with me, but sleeping during the night is out of the question now. She'll sleep downstairs or with my mother now. I thought she was just upset cuz another female scent was in my room now, but I figured after a few days she would be over it.... but there's little improvement. I'm not worried or upset, just confused and a little hurt...

Any thoughts?


Cats are creatures of habit and very set in her ways at (I assume) 14 years of age. Cats often are more drawn to places than people. In time, she should get back to your previous sleeping arrangement although it may take some time (weeks or months?).  I would not force the issue, but let her come around, if she does, in her own time.

At 14 cats are quite geriatric and, like people, become more temperamental with more advanced age.

Best regards... Norm.


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