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Hello Kate,

I am not an occultist. I don't want you to think that I have other motives other than researching a specific breed of feline.  In 1982, I came in contact with three cats, a mother and two kittens. The owner told me that they were "Witches Cats." They were supposed to have the sharpest claws for ANY domestic breed of cat.  I witnessed the kittens chase string across the back of a Berber sofa as easily as they could chase string on a horizontal floor! All three cats had short, solid black hair with a blue tint.
The mother's head seemed to be longer than most cats. I mean the distance between the eyes and the ears appeared to be slightly "stretched."  Her were of average length. Her claws were solid black. The mother seemed to be particularly elusive. Initially I could only catch a glimpse of her as she moved out of sight. I managed to catch her stalking me throughout the evening. Her eyes were cadmium yellow. The kittens were a bit more tawny. They seemed to be shy, but playful, and had the same shaped head.
Toward the end of our visit, I noticed that the mother was sitting on the table next to the sofa.  Just looking at me. She had placed her right paw on the top of my right hand. As I went to pick up the cup next to her, she ever-so-slightly extended her claws. I don't think she wanted to injure me. It was more like a gesture of control. I understand that this may seem a bit paranoid, given that her owner called these felines "Witches Cats" I have yet to encountered any other cats like this before or since.
Do you have any suggestions on this breed? if you have time, I would greatly appreciate your expertise on this issue.

Best regards,
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Well first of all there is no such thing as a witches cat apart from the fact that in fairy tales their cats were always black but of no specific breed.

As for the cat you encountered it is difficult to say if the cat was one particular breed or whether they were mixed and that accounted for several of their unusual characteristics.

My first thought though is that she sounded like a Bombay cat. See my page here about this breed

Nothing you said made me think that her behavior was unusual at all. I have cats and they will sometimes put there paw on me and extend the claws gently, it is a contented sign.

Hope this helps

best wishes Kate  


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