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I have been to a couple of sites just for explanations. But when it comes to My cat; things are untrue. On the website; it says a cat with it's tail down means he's mad. But my cat's docile in behavior unless provoked. His tail usually hangs low and slightly curled as if he were a black puma walking through the yard. At most his tail is stretched out as high as his back with the same curl of his tail. My mother says my cat's father was a wild female tom cat who was jumped by a wild male bob cat. but i don't know if that's true or even possible sense my cat is docile and not wild and temperamental. I guess i'm just wondering if my cat's tail really has a mystery language or if it's just a bunch of hoo-ha?

p.s. if you want to observe him walking; here's my youtube video:

Every cat is slightly different but in general their body language has been observed and recorded to signal certain moods. I have a page about this here

From the picture your cat looks perfectly normal, or course you never know she may have a problem with her tail near her spine which makes it difficult for her to hold it high. I don't know. All i can say is that a cats body language can differ from cat to cat slightly.

best wishes kate


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