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Cats/my kitten randomly died


I had found a kitten in the middle of my coldasac in the middle of the night crying with out his mother so I waited there for a little and the mom never came. I guessed that he was around 2 weeks so I started bottle feeding him. I bottle fed him up until last week I was giving him dry kitten food mixed with hot water(he keep trying to eat my other cats dry food so I assumed he was ready & he really liked it) he was very active and loved playing with my other cat. I have been gone for 2 days but my mom was home taking care of him and she said nothing about him had changed but she woke up this morning to him dead under the couch. What could have happened to him? & could it get my cat and dog sick since they interacted with the kitten very often? I really don't want anything to happen to my other animals. Also we are taking them both to the vet

He may have been the runt of the litter and had something wrong with him and that is why he was abandoned by his mother.

Unfortunately without a vet seeing the body and doing a autopsy it may be impossible to know what caused the death.

It is good that you are taking your other two pets to see a vet for a check over. This is the best solution.

Hope all is well

best wishes kate


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