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Hi Kate, its nice to meet you. I have to kitties. Jenny is almost 8 and Carrie would be approx. 5. Well, Carrie is a calico and very timid.
They are both very jealous of each other so we try to give them both extra attention when they are near ea other.
So the one part I don't understand is how they can sleep within inches of ea other and then I catch Jenny trying to bite Carrie's throat! I happened to be around and split them up. Do cats get split personality like people?

No cats don't have split personalities.

Sometimes it can be very difficult for us humans to understand our cats. we think they should behave like us and have the same emotions etc but they are cats and they have a totally different set of rules.

I have two cats both brothers. Some days they get on like a house on fire, even sleeping close to each other. Other days they fight and stay clear of each other. this is completely normal behavior.

Cats in the wild do not live in groups they are solitary animals and living under one roof with another cat, even a relative is not always comfortable for them. So yes the occasional fights will break out.

Also sometimes play can look like a fight to us. I have seen a cat grab another cat and it looks like he is biting hard but in fact he is not and is just playing.

I wouldn't worry too much about your cats. Let them do what they feel. The only time to intervene is when a fight gets nasty and then all you need to do is clap your hands together to make a noise. This will break up the fight. Never punish your cats, they won't understand this and all that will happen is that they will become afraid of you and you don't want that to happen.

best wishes Kate  


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