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my cat is about 10 years of age I have had him to the vet and she came up with(after ruling out cancer and other diseases) irritable bowel syndrome. the predisone only worked for awhile. I just want to help him with the diareha problem . Hes always cold too. He eats well and drinks lots and lots of water. In the last month I have changed his food to grain free. Nothing seems to help. Any sugestions?

Hi I am not a vet and so the advice I can give is based on my years of experience and nutritional training.

You say the vet has done lots of tests to rule out illness? I only ask as drinking lots can be an indication of some illnesses.

But if your vet has ruled out illness then you have to look at the cats diet. Often diarrhea can be caused by too much protein in the diet or possibly an allergy to something in the food. You have not said what she eats or how much so all I can do is give you some general guidance.

Make sure you are feeding a good quality food. Cheaper foods can contains all sorts of things which could be upsetting your cats stomach. You could try a food which is grain free or wheat free as some cats can be intolerant to these. Also check how much you are feeding the cat. Too much can cause problems. Try cutting the amount back. Complete kibble foods are better than wet foods for content and quality, so feed these if you can or mix. Always measure out your cats food daily, you'll be surprised how easy it is to overfeed if you don't.

I hope my advice helps. But if the problem continues, do go back to your vet for further tests.

Best wishes Kate  


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