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Cats/Black specks that are NOT fleas


First, thanks for offering to answer questions in this forum.  We are the adoptive parents to Pudge, a 3 year old, 15lb., 4 ft. long bundle of fluffy love.  I've noticed over the past 2 months that there are little black specks on the computer desk and window sill where the baby likes to sit and watch the neighborhood.  He doesn't scratch or groom excessively and when my husband gave him the once-over (he grew up with cats, I did not) he found no signs of fleas, ticks or others.  Pudge is strictly an indoor kitty (he's afraid of the outdoors even though he like to make us think he's not!) but I know it's possible for us or any visitor to bring those little beasts into our home.  Being we've got no evidence to suggest Pudge has fleas, what else could these specks be? I tried to look at some on my fingertip close up, and they look like they have are just a little itty-bitty kind of semi-circle, curly-cue that just break into smaller and smaller little pieces. They're not even as big as a period in this email, that's how tiny they are and again, only on the desk and window sill.  Nothing in our bed, where he sleeps every night, or his bed, or on myself of my husband and Pudge's kind of a lap-cat.

Sorry for the long email but I want to try to give you as much info as I can.  Thanks a lot for reading this and trying to give me some help with the specks!


i will be honest with you and say i have no idea what they could be. However if they are only on the window sill and in other places that the cat sleeps etc. I would suggest that it some other critter of mould type thing which is forming on your window ledge.

Sorry i couldn't be of any more help>



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