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Sophia, has developed a habit of pooping behind the TV. I can't block her from getting back there and I don't know what to do. She has a litter box and has been using it a long time. Can you help?


there is no easy answer to this kind of problem i am afraid. The first thing is to make sure your cat is not ill in any way, if you suspect that something is wrong take her to the vets for a check over.

If their are no physical reasons for this behavior then this problem is known as "middening" and is a another form of territory marking but is usually only used in cases where the cat feels particularly worried or stressed about something. Please read my page about this problem (link at bottom of page) which should give you more information on this type of problem and what you should do.
I must warn you that it is not always obvious to us humans what can have caused the upset. Sometimes it can be something quite small. The only real solution is to find the cause of the problem.

Hope my article can shed some more light on the problem for you


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