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I adopted my cat about 4 years ago from a shelter.  She was about 1 year old at the time.  She has never learned to use the litter box consistently.  In January, I moved into a new house (new to me, I mean).  I am now redecorating and can no longer tolerate the cat's problem.  I am about to turn her into an outdoor cat, but I thought I'd make one last effort to figure out her problem before doing so.  I keep her litter box clean.  She is spayed and healthy.  What do you recommend?  Thanks and best wishes.

this is difficult for me to answer as i do not know what measures you have taken to train her in the past. My best advice is to see my page about litter box training and see if there is anything there that you think may have been a problem and how you can solve it.
If not then perhaps letting her go outside is the better option. Some cats are just more suited to that way of life.

I hope this problem sorts itself for you soon


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