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Cats/My Cat's aggressive behaviour towards my dog.


My cat has suddenly become very aggressive towards my dog, it will attack for no reason at all. Its as if it is a different cat now we do not recognise it being like this. We have taken the cat to see the vet but there is no medical reason for this at all. It has recently been done so it can not have kittens!
The only other option we have is to pass it on to another family but I do not want to do this if there is a way of getting this problem to stop. Can you help me?

this sounds like trauma aggression. This happens when something has frightened your cat and they associate the fear with another animal or person. It is very strange because the other animal doesn't even have to be the cause of the problem for them to become the accused. Your cat is acting aggressively because she is associating fear with your dog. It could well be the operation that has made your cat fearful and has associated the stress ad discomfort to your dog.
the only treatment is to re introduce your two animals to each other as if they had never met before. This can be a slow process but will is the only way to make your cat feel secure again in its environment and towards your dog. I have included a link to my page about introductions between cats but the process is the same with a dog.
Good luck and I'm sure with a little time and patience on your part thing will settle down again



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