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hi, i have a 6 months old male Siamese cat with me for the last 3 months. He's very loving and sober. Yesterday we took him out for his "fresh air" in the street when a well built male stray cat had a fight with him, very brief one, under a parked car. Since then, though we couldn't spot any injuries, the cat is very depressed, quiet and is not eating and doesn't allow us near him and stays away in his shell. How do we handle this problem?

it sounds as if he has lost his confidence and may be feeling insecure. My suggestion is that you must give him lots of fuss and attention, more than you would normally. Also get him to place attack games with you using string or balls etc (never your hands). Make lots of happy up sounding noise to him ad offer him treats. then as he starts to come out of his shell again he must go out again to over come his fear.
Lots of fuss and attention will make him feel important again, very essential to a Siamese cats especially i think. Don't worry this is probably only a temporary set back.



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