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QUESTION: My cat (male) is with me since he was born. He is  1.5 years old. He bites ,attacks to my feet and hands. He doesn't want anybody in the house. Because of him we lost some of our friends. His bites are not like  "playing" ,rather than to give harm to us. I am afraid that he will do something bad to me while I sleep.
What did I do wrong? How can I treat her?

when he was a kitten did you play with him with your hands? This can often be a problem later on when they don't realise that this behavior is wrong.
Cats learn by experience so any reaction to them is regarded as positive ie good reaction when people shout at him for biting and scratching.
When he bites or attacks you must move away from him immediately and walk out of the room, do not say anything to him or make a sound. this is a negative reaction and over time he will realize that when he bites etc he gets a negative reaction. You must do this every time he bites or attacks and make sure that you do not make a sound as this is good and fun to your cat. Silence and removing yourself from the situation is bad to your cat. be persistent .
Never play with him with your hands always get him to play with toys.

i hope this has helped a little.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

You are totally right about the hands. Other problem is the strangers in the house. He doesn't give peace to the others.He bite two of our friends very hardly that they needed medical aid .One of the cat owners here advised not to feed him for a while.Also feed him when I want ,not when he wants.So that he will learn who is the boss.

your cat is only showing learned behavior so can't be blamed for his actions. He thinks this is normal and probably likes the attention and reaction he gets when he bites.
Your right you are boss and are in control of his world and so yes you should feed him at regular times and not when he demands, but this should be done not as a punishment but as a just a good routine.
Cat's don;t really understand punishment, they will understand that when they bite they get no reaction and that people calmly and quietly walk away from him, thats no fun, but when he doesn't bite when stroked he gets a good reaction ie you stay longer and he get a treat or a game then he will learn that this is how to get the attention he wants. Be persistent and let everyone know in the house how to to react to biting and after a while he will get the message.



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