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Cats/Cat licks my fingers after cigarettes


Hello, my name is James. I smoke cigarettes and I make sure not to smoke in my house for fear of my cat's health. Somewhat ironic, I know, considering my health is probably more of a risk. Anyway, often times when I get done smoking a cigarette outside, my cat loves to lick my fingers that I was holding the cigarette in. I can't imagine this actually tastes GOOD but anyway, I was wondering if there is any chance he could be ingesting some hazardous chemicals from my fingers. Do you suggest that I refrain from letting him lick my fingers or do you think that it is probably harmless in nature? Thank you very much for your time.

yes i have heard of this before. cats are often attracted by strong smelling and sometimes rather unpleasant scents. But hey we are not cats.
I would suggest that you don't let your cats lick your fingers after smoking, tar can be deposited on to he fingers (thats why some smokers fingers get stained yellow)and yes your cats will be digesting this.

It;s great that you are thinking about your cats this way. :)



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