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Our cats...Payten and Poser
Our cats...Payten and  
I have read the q & a on this issue here and continue to have problems.  We took both cats, one male and one female to the vet and both are in great shape with no bladder etc problems.  Yet BOTH of them seem to love to pee on our 5 year old daughters bed.  We have the plastic liner and went out last night and bought her new sheets comforter and all for her new daybed for her b-day and without fail this morning I have had to put it all into the wash.  My husband of course is at wits end being we have tried everything...literally.  Any other suggestions would be welcomed.  Things we have tried: plastic cover over mattress of course, 3+ liter boxes (and in a small house this is not easy), feli-way spray, Kitty Prozac...even the liter that attracts them back to their box.  They have no problems with one another as we have thought about that too.  See the pic attached here.  Please help! We don't want to lose them but we are out of ideas here.  

well it does seem as if you have tried a lot of things to get this problem sorted out. Please take a look at my page here it may provide some ideas. /cat-urine.html

Apart from that i suppose you may have to think about fixing a automatic door closer on you child's door so that the door will always remain closed to your cats.

Also be sure that the whole room is cleaned to eliminate any urine odors and use a strong citrus spay in the room (lemon juice mixed with water will do) Spray all around the room including door frames and the bottom of the bed, this may dissuade them from going near the room. It is puzzling though as cats only urinate like this because something is wrong ie territory, perhaps they see your child as a threat to their territory and so are trying to stamp their authority on her things.



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