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Hi, my kitten is just over 9weeks old and with his sister he bites her when he is playing and she crys and also he wakes me up around 3am-6am and is crying and rubbing his body against me and and pushing into my hands and he has been doin it for about a week now and he's never done it before. Please help my with both my problems i don't know what to do. Thank you. Kind Regards.

Your kitten is displaying the normal interaction with siblings. This is how they learn how to hunt and fight. I don't know if the mother cat is still around or not as you didn't mention it. Normally the mother cat would watch over these play fights and keep the level over boisterousness to a limit. If she is not around then you will have to take over this role. If he gets to aggressive then don't say anything be very quiet, pick him up and put him in a room on his own for a while immediately. he will soon learn that every time he gets to rough he finds himself alone and the fun has stopped. the reason i say you have to be quiet is that cats see us shouting, or talking to them as a positive reaction and this is not what we want to give him at this time.
The other behavior is also common. cats are night creatures and thats when they want attention and to play. He is trying to get you to play with him etc. If you give in to him now it will be a very hard habit to break in the future. I have included a link to a page about meowing behavior which describes this sort of behavior and how you can deal with it.



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