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A while back I asked you a question about weening a 5 month old kitten.  Well now I would like to ask, when do kittens get thier normal eye color. and how long do they teeth?  My kitten is biting us and we can't get it to stop.  We have given him toys to play with and he will play, but comes back and bites us anywhere he can. Please help.   Gwen

Hi Gwen
kittens get there first teeth around four weeks old and so your five month old kitten should have a full set by know. I don;t know how long the kitten remained with its mother before you had him as normally during the first 4 months  of a kittens life it's mother teaches about play and one of these lessons is not to be too aggressive. Kittens who have not learnt this lesson don't realize that they are biting too hard. Please see my pages about kitten care which give you and idea of the early development of a kitten and also my page on aggressive cat behavior this will give you some pointers on how to deal with a biting cat. The secret is to be persistent in your training and they will soon learn that when thy bite they get a negative reaction rather than a fun one.
Kittens eyes are normally the color they will be for the rest of their lives after 3 months old.

I hope my pages will be of some help:)


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