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have the most irratating female cat (about 7months) old. She is a house cat and there are plenty of toys around that she plays with regularly. My cat is so needy and constantly wants attention all the time, this becomes a problem when i want to go to bed! She will be fine till about 3am in the morning and then it begins the loud meowing, scratching at the door, jumping at the door handle and pulling up the carpet. So after a while i let her in, but its not like she wants to come in for a hug of to settle with me, she starts knocking things over, scratting at the bed, pulling at my hair, so i send her out of the bedroom again, and so it happens all over again until i get up for work at 7am. As you can imagine this is becoming very stressful for me with my sleep constantly been disrupted. I used to look her in the kitchen at night to stop this, but then she just poo's everywhere. If you have any idea please reply because i am really at my witts end and thinking what can i do?

some cats are more clingy than others and it can be a problem as you say especially at night.
This night time behavior is quite common as it is the time when cats are at their most active and she wants to play not sleep. The trouble is they can be very persistent.

Cats learn by experience so your cat has learned that if she is persistent you will eventually let her in etc. Or if you lock her in the kitchen and she poos then you stop locking her in the kitchen. So I'm afraid the only solution is for you to be more persistent than her and that might mean putting up with cleaning up her mess for a while if you decide to keep her in a separate room at night.

I have put a couple of links to my pages about cat meowing behavior and social behavior for more back ground information.

I wish you luck and a good nights sleep (i know the feeling i used to have a cat like this, but now she sleeps through the night or goes out).



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