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QUESTION: I have a 3 year old female cat named August and i have had to move her around about 3 times these past two years. I just moved her with me to my aunts house about a month ago and my aunt has  a 7 year old female cat named Sugar. Sugar grew up with other cats when she was younger but has lived with being the only cat for about 4 years now.  Sugar absolutely hates August. Which makes August fight back. I fear my cat is depressed because she doesn't have any other cat to be around like she is used to. and i have no idea if there is anyway i can get them used to each other.

this could be a tricky one. Not all cats like to be in the company of other cats and there is no real way to change their mind about this.
At the moment sugar is trying to assert herself and her territory. i don't know how you introduced them to each other in the first place. normally the best way is to keep them separate for a couple of weeks and spread each others scent around using clothes and rubbing it on furniture etc. this way when they do meet it is not such a shock.
Cats usually settle into their new homes quite well in the end once they know their place and once sugar feels secure again the fighting should stop. But they may choose to avoid each other.
Make sure you give both cats their own separate litter tray and sleeping places, give both cats lots of affection. never shout at sugar, she is not being bad she just feels threatened.


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QUESTION: That makes a lot of sense hopefully it will work. But i have another problem if you wouldn't mind answering. For a couple weeks one of the cats has been pottying on beds mostly my aunt's. Yesterday we found out it was Sugar. She actually peed   on my aunt as she was laying in bed!! Is there anything we can do to get her to stop?

Hi, yes weeing on other items in the house is a sign that your cat is feeling insecure or unhappy about her environment and is trying to stake her claim to other items around the house. Cats will often wee on the bed as this smells most of us humans and is a familiar smell and so comforting. the trouble is now the urine is on the bed it must be removed completely with a special urine odor remover as the tiniest smell that remains will encourage your cat to go there again.

Make sure that your cats litter tray is separate from her food and that it is not near your other cats litter tray. cats do not like to use the same litter tray because of the scent marking. It may well be that you will have to go back to litter box training for your cat to break the current habit of urinating elsewhere. i have many pages on my website concerning these issues, if you would like to take a look as it gives guidance regarding re training.

I hope that may help in your situation :)


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