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Hi, I have a 4 month old Siamese boy, i then yesterday got a 9 week old kitten as i felt during the day and evening when i cant be their for him to cuddle up to and play with. However as soon as i touch the kitten, my 4 month old hisses and growls, is my Siamese jealous and how long will it take for them to settle, they can sit 2 feet away from each other and do nothing but when im their Ralph starts hissing. At the moment they are both in my sitting room, should i let them both have the run of the house also or wait till they are more comfortable with each other.

the best way to introduce cats is to slowly introduce each others scent into the house so that they can get used to the scent before they even meet. See my page regarding introducing cats here /introducing-cats.html
It will take a time for them to settle but by taking things slowly you are more likely to have a happy outcome without jealousy. As far as your existing cat is concerned this other cat is an intruder in the home and this explains the hissing behavior.
As described on my page it's best to restrict the cats access to the whole house and to each other for a few weeks until they become familiar with their new environment and smells.



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