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My question concerns introducing a 4yr old neutered female cat to two 6 month old neutered male cats. I have the male cats at home and they are currently residing in the house as indoor cats. I really want to bring home the female cat.  She is used to being the only cat but had previously resided with 2 dogs.  The two male cats grew up in a litter together and have been together ever since.  They have not been showing signs of wanting to spray at all.  My issue is, is that if I introduce this female cat to them, will they start spraying around the house?  I know that regardless of spraying I must introduce them to each other gradually over a week period.  My main concern is the spraying.  I really want this to work.

unfortunately there are no guarantees that they won't spray as this is often how cats assert their territory and sometimes this starts when a new cats is introduced. All i can recommend is that as you say that you introduce them slowly (see my link at bottom about this) and also spread each others scent around the home for all the cats so that they can get used to the smell even before they meet the other cat.
They may just get on naturally as they have been used to other animals anyway, if not there may be a short period where they spray but only until things settle down. i think if the introductions are carried out well and that all the cats have their own litter trays (not near each other) and have their own beds etc things should work out well.



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