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I bought two kittens 4 days ago, brought them home and they seemed fine, they both used the litter tray. On day 2 one of the kittens urinated on the front room floor, i took her and showed her the litter tray.  Since then she has used the tray to poo but not wee.  She urinated on my bed on the second night, got that dry cleaned and as soon as we put it back on she did it again.  The odd thing is while that duvet was at the launderette she didn't wee on the other one we put on.  I keep taking her to the litter tray and after a few times of putting her in she does go, if your not watching she will go on the floor or behind the toilet. When I'm not there i keep them confined to a small space with food, bed and 2 litter trays.  I have tried to keep the trays clean too. They seem happy and I'm wondering if it is the stress of being separated from the mother.  They are 8 weeks and 3 days old.
I'm exhausted from watching her every move and its only been 4 days :)
Thank you for your time

I'm afraid there is no magic wand i can give you to make litter training easier. However it is good to tell you that cats do learn much quicker than puppies.
It may well me that the kittens were no ready to leave their mother and that she did not have time to train them herself which is normally what happens. So unfortunately it may take a little longer than normal. I have a page about litter training cats on my website here /cat-litter-box.html which may provide some useful tips. She will eventually learn.

Also the fact that she wee's on one particular duvet and not the other could be that even though you have had the duvet cleaned there may still be traces of the urine smell that only your cat can detect and this will make her think that this is the place to go. I have another page about getting rid of the cat urine odors here /cat-urine-cleaner.html
It is easier to point you to my pages as they contain far more information than i could contain in an e-mail.
Don't worry things will sort themselves out. :)


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